01 Fall Protection
Rescue and Evacuation

RESCUE – For the rescue of an injured or unconscious person who is unable to get themselves to a place of safety.

EVACUATION – When a worker needs to escape their place of work to a place of safety because their normal route has become dangerous or unusable – due to fire, structural collapse etc.


Fall arrest lanyards, blocks and systems stop workers falling to the ground and are essential work at height equipment.  However, the problem is not solved only by arresting the fall, the casualty may be suspended out of reach, injured, at risk of side effects of suspension and in need of rescuing to a place of safety as quickly as possible.  Whether suspended 2m or 200m away, on scaffolding or a telecoms tower, the casualty needs help and every second counts.

SpanSet invented the revolutionary Gotcha Rescue System in 2000 to solve this problem.  Recognised by industry as the market leader and the only patented, preassembled fall arrest rescue kit which is ready to use and can be deployed straight away. Trusted by workers across industry - from scaffolders on construction sites to electricians on oil rigs, experienced mast climbers to tower crane operators. Gotcha is the original, Fall Arrest Rescue kit.  Backed by SpanSet’s support and technical expertise, comprehensive training and inspection services. #Trusttheexperts #TrustSpanset

All models in the Gotcha Rescue and Evacuation Ranges feature:
•    Designed for co workers to perform rescue of a casualty or for workers to complete evacuation from dangerous situations.  
•    All Gotcha Kit features are straightforward to use in what can be a stressful situation.
•    Preassembled and 100% function checked before sealing and despatch.  
•    Sealed to protect contents. Kits last longer and are easier to inspect & maintain 
•    Expertly designed, quality carry bag for ease of handling, transport and storage. 
•    Clear visual instructions on robust laminated card. 
•    RFID tagged for traceability

Wich Rescue Kit do I need?

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