Protective Sleeve for Increased Sling Protection
  • Flexible sleeve construction - The flexible fabric construction can be positioned easily and blends to the form of the edge
  • The lightweight construction makes for simple and ergonomic handling
  • Free positioning - XCut® can be freely positioned over the lifting sling and offers protection at exactly the place where the sharp edge is connected
  • Label XCut® products are marked with a label containing the handling instructions and the general product information
  • Certified safety - A high level of operational safety based on defined edge radii – DEKRA certified.
  • Optimized process technology - Improved cut protection, simplified handling and stronger material stability increase service life and safety.

Product Description
Product Description

XCut™ sleeve is a woven protective sleeve made from UHMPE [Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene] for lifting slings and roundslings, which offers the best protection for your textile lifting gear against cuts made by sharp edged loads. 

Rotating and turning loads is also no problem for XCut™ sleeve, and the special rib structure of the sleeve design makes it easier for the lifting gear to slide inside the sleeve. XCut™ sleeve protects the lifting sling even when a relative cutting motion takes place, which can occur when a load is raised. 

The flexible sleeve construction can also be easily positioned on the sharp edge in confined spaces. During the lifting process, the protective sleeve is placed firmly on the edge of the load, while the lifting equipment within the sleeve continues to move freely. A basic prerequisite for lifting and rotating sharp-edged steel, for example. 

Simply better and stronger! Three good reasons for using the new XCut™ sleeve. The optional center seam simplifies the use of the XCut™ sleeve when lifting with round slings using both legs [Fig. 4]. 

Fitted across both legs of the roundsling, manual adjustment is not required and the two legs are bound together in such a way that the sleeve cannot be removed. Take advantage of longer service lives, additional